Fire Suppression Systems for Electrical Cabinets

Direct and automatic fire suppression where the fire starts

Fire protection for electrical cabinets

Our innovative automatic fire suppression systems are optimally suited for protecting all types of electrical cabinets. Whether it concerns the targeted protection of individual cabinets or larger rows of control cabinets, we can offer the optimum solution for every application. Our aerosol fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems systems extinguish quickly and effectively and are do not damage electrical components. Already used in a wide variety of applications, our extinguishing generators provide reliable protection against class A, B, C and F fires. No piping is required, no need to seal the cabinets. Retrofitting is therefore possible without any problems, our systems do not have to be taken into account when planning the control cabinet. Our extremely compact extinguishers can also be housed in very narrow cabinets and only need to be wired. When it comes to fire detection, we can rely on proven components for technical fire protection. Whether smoke or temperature detectors and / or manual activation, everything is possible. It is also possible to connect to an existing fire alarm system and to set up a completely independent fire control panel.

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The RSL Fire aerosol fire suppression systems are the first aerosol systems certified by Europe’s number one for fire protection: VdS

Advantages of our Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

Our automatic fire suppression systems for electrical cabinets

Almost all of our automatic fire extinguishers and aerosol extinguishing generators are suitable for use in control cabinets. The choice of a particular unit primarily depends on the contents of the control cabinet or control room. Our smallest unit with 0.1 m3 capacity is suitable for installation in even the smallest control cabinet or switchboard. Our largest units are suitable for protecting entire switch rooms. A single unit can protect up to 79 m3. In addition, depending on the available space, we offer units with axial or radial outflow. 

Our automatic extinguishing systems are 100% reliable and can work completely autonomously by means of an analog detection cable. In addition, it is possible to connect our fire extinguishers to almost all possible fire and smoke detectors and fire control panels. Unlike other automatic fire extinguishers, our aerosol generators are 100% reliable and do not cause collateral damage. After activation, our units extinguish the fire in a few seconds and what is left is just a little dust that is easy to rinse away. The aerosols remain floating in the room after activation and actively prevent re-ignition of the fire, even for hours after activation.  

RSL Fire suppression systems

Without coolant
Axial & radial oulet
Only 73 g agent per m3
VdS certified

RSL Fire suppression systems

With coolant
Axial outlet / nozzle
Suitable for vehicles and vessels
TÜV certified

RSL Fire suppression systems

With coolant
Radial outlet / nozzle
Suitable for vehicles and vessels
TÜV certified

Aerosol Blussysteem RSL20C
RSL 160 en RSL 400
RSL 160 & RSL 400
Aerosol Blussysteem RSL 3000C
RSL 3000C

How does aerosol work as extinguishing agent?

The fire is recognized by means of a fire detector, electrical ignition or fully autonomous analog ignition. Our Aerosol generator generates the aerosol and an endothermic reaction converts potassium hydrogen carbonate into potassium carbonate, chemically removing oxidizing substances from the combustion process and extinguishing the fire. At the same time, additional heat is extracted from the combustion process. This way the fire is extinguished in two ways and the chance of re-ignition is considerably reduced. During the extinguishing process, no oxygen is extracted and the residual potassium carbonate product is environmentally friendly and easy to clean up. More information about our extinguishing systems and extinguishing technology.

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