Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

RSL Fire is a premier designer, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of innovative condensed aerosol fire suppression systems that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly. With more than 30 years of experience, RSL Fire is an industry leader in advanced fire suppression, and we are dedicated to the development and delivery of the highest quality aerosol fire suppression solutions available. At RSL Fire, we provide condensed aerosol fire extinguishers and aerosol fire suppression systems that deliver enhanced safety and protection for individual wellbeing and property preservation as well as safeguarding personal and business assets. Our superior quality and patented condensed aerosol fire suppression systems are certified and approved for distribution and use in all global markets. Including VdS certified in Germany.

Our Aerosol Generators & Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

At RSL Fire, we offer a full line of high quality and sustainable condensed aerosol fire suppression systems. Our expert design and production team have created a variety of options that can be customized to the needs of any individual or business enterprise. All our products are environmentally friendly, fully certified, and approved for use in markets worldwide.

Our primary fire suppression system is a condensed aerosol generator. A stable compound without pressure exists inside each unit. When the unit is activated, the chemical and physical reaction that is described above is initiated, and the fire is suppressed without reducing oxygen in the environment. We also use similar technology to create a system that produces a gas generated water mist that can also be combined with powder modules for fire suppression. These systems are also non pressurized and are maintenance-free.

Industries & Applications

The applications for use and the industries that can benefit from the utilization of aerosol fire suppression systems and aerosol fire extinguishers are extensive and all-encompassing. From automotive and aviation to manufacturing and server rooms and power storage; condensed aerosol fire suppression systems are fast, safe, reliable and sustainable fire protection solutions that should be incorporated into every business worldwide.








Advantages of RSL Fire Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

RSL Fire has worked hard to earn its reputation as a world-class leader in aerosol fire protection and the provision of top-rated and industry-leading condensed aerosol fire suppression systems and aerosol fire extinguishers. Our aerosol fire systems offer many advantages.

We are committed to researching and developing the most cost-effective and technologically advanced condensed aerosol generator fire suppression systems available.

It is our mission to design, manufacture and provide advanced fire protection that safeguards people, property, investments and the environment.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Innovative and highly effective fire suppression systems

  • No oxygen depletion
  • 100% environmentally friendly

  • Suitable for fire classes A, B, C, D, E & F

  • Non-pressurized units

  • Space-saving and quick installation

  • Maintenance-free

  • Very durable with a lifetime of up to 20 years

  • Professional installation and service team

  • Suitable for the protection of lithium-ion batteries

  • VdS, TÜV, R107, IMO certified

Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

What is Aerosol?

An aerosol is a mixture of a gas and solid and / or liquid suspended particles. The combustion of the solid contained in the aerosol generators creates an extinguishing aerosol consisting of liquid and gaseous particles, consisting of potassium carbonates with a particle size of approx. 1 μm. The main active ingredient of the aerosol is potassium hydrogen carbonate, which decomposes very quickly from a temperature of approx. 50 ° C, whereby it releases water and carbon dioxide. This creates potassium carbonate. From a physiological point of view, potassium carbonate is considered harmless; it is also contained in food as an additive E501.

How does it work?

Upon contact with an open flame, the potassium bicarbonate is converted to potassium carbonate and the oxidizing agent is chemically removed from the burning process by binding the free radicals necessary for the combustion process. No fire can take place without oxidation.

Since this chemical process is a so-called endothermic reaction, additional heat is extracted from the combustion process. The fire is also cooled down considerably.

The fire is thus extinguished in two ways. A major advantages of our aerosol fire extinguishers and aerosol fire suppression systems is that the oxygen content of the ambient air is not reduced. So unlike a gas fire suppression system it is safe for humans and animals.


Long lifetime, simple installation, reliable & environmentally-friendly

In contrast to other extinguishing techniques, aerosol fire extinguishing systems are 100% environmentally friendly. The extinguishing agent largely consists of natural components of the ambient air, so the extinguishing process is absolutely environmentally friendly and safe.


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