About RSL Fire

We design, produce and distribute innovative and patented aerosol fire suppression systems.

For decades we discovered the advantages of aerosol to extinguish fires. Ever since we have created condensed aerosol fire extinguishers and aerosol fire suppression systems for a extensive range of applications and clients around the world.

Aerosol offers a lot of advantages to protect against fire. One of the main advantages is that oxygen will not be depleted when our condensed aerosol fire extinguishers are triggered. This makes our systems safe for properties, people, animals and the environment.

Our certified aerosol extinguishing systems set new standards in technical fire protection. Our wide range of aerosol generators offers numerous opportunities to improve, expand or make your fire protection significantly cheaper.


Every day RSL Fire is commited to design, produce and install the best and safest possible fire protection systems for our clients around the world.


Our systems are tested time and time again under the most challenging conditions. We continue to invest in product development and together with our clients create new and innovative solutions for a safer future.


Each situation and task is different. Together with the client we design the fire protection solution for their problem. In most cases our proven and tested systems can be applied and if we not we create a bespoke system.


At our production facilities in Europe we can quickly create prototypes and test systems for a variety of applications and situations. This enables us to deliver the best possible fire protection solutions to our clients.


Decades of experience in fire protection come together in our range of innovative aerosol fire suppression and extinguisher systems. Our products are certified and tested by Europe’s leading agencies.

100% Sustainable

Our fire suppression systems do not emit any harmful gasses and thanks to a long-lifetime our products are ultra-sustainable.

Contact us for more information about how our aerosol fire suppression systems can help you improve fire safety AND reach your environmental goals at the same time.



For more information about our aerosol fire suppression systems please contact us.